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what is function4

Function4 empowers intelligent promotion, attendance and sponsorship of targeted professional events.

Function4 is the first dedicated industry-specific professional event platform that connects event hosts, guests and sponsors to maximize the value of professional events. As experienced professionals in industries driven by relationship-based marketing, we deeply value the importance of well-curated industry events for networking, business development, client retention, opportunity discovery and education purposes. We are building Function4 around the importance of providing:

  • Guests

    The opportunity to discover and attend the most relevant professional events based on industry characteristics and buy-side | sell-side preferences. Guests can view these events in a centralized and standardized format and gain valuable information about accepted guests to make better informed decisions about which events they would like to attend.

  • Hosts

    An intelligent promotional platform that will employ targeted promotion to access large or concentrated subsets of an industry. Hosts also benefit from easy-to-use and effective guest curation and event management tools.

  • Sponsors

    A smarter toolset to discover opportunities for targeted brand exposure and to better optimize and account for the impact of your sponsorship | event spend.

Discover Events

View a directory of industry-specific events.

Guests Metrics

View detailed guest metrics for f4-enabled events.

Request Invites

Request invites to eligible f4-enabled events.

Share Events

Share & receive invites to relevant events with trusted relationships.

Guest Targeting

Target eligible prospective guests for events.

Brand Exposure

Promote your brand through efficient sponsorship tools.

Function4 Features

how it works


  1. List an event
  2. Promote to targeted guests
  3. Manage a highly curated guest list
  4. Find sponsors for your event


  1. Find relevant industry events
  2. Receive and request invitations
  3. Register through Function4
  4. View guests details & offer sponsorship


Please contact us if you would like to learn more about receiving a live demonstration or listing your next event!

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