Event Collaboration and Co-Hosting

We all know that the Alternative Investments industry is highly competitive, and the value of collaborative marketing is frequently overlooked in the spirit of this competition. Industry events can be very collaborative marketing experiences, and the firms who get the most out of events are often those that are the best at maximizing opportunities to work together – sharing resources, making and receiving introductions, and affiliating their brand with important industry partners.

While we know that events lend themselves to cooperation, it is important to also recognize that collaboration can also have an important role in how we host events. With new tools designed to encourage, manage, and even measure results from collaborative event hosting, firms can leverage existing as well as new partnerships to share the burdens, costs, and benefits of hosting industry events.

Event collaboration helps firms develop new customer prospects by leveraging key industry partners.

The expense of hosting events is not inconsequential, but out of pocket costs are usually not the biggest obstacle for firms to host more events. It is the drain on personnel resources that is the greatest burden – pulling talent from sales and marketing, administration, as well as senior management and investment professionals. Typically, these team members have full time roles that are interrupted by the demands of hosting events, and for senior sales and management staff, the challenge is always building the right guest list to make the event valuable.

The success of each event – both for the hosts and their guests – can rest entirely on the makeup of the attendees, which is often determined by both buy-side/sell-side balance as well as volume and diversity of new customer or investment opportunities. Hosts must offer value to guests while also ensuring that they achieve their own objectives – as well as those of co-hosts and sponsors.

Collaboration with Co-Hosts is an Effective Solution:

  1. Leverage each other’s contacts and relationships to promote the event broadly
  2. Maintain guest list privacy while sharing key metrics and avoiding duplicate efforts
  3. Benefit from each other’s client knowledge to curate the ideal guest lists
  4. Share the burdens and costs of planning and hosting between firms
  5. Utilize a single tool set to manage guest lists, attendee data, and see results
  6. Measure the value of co-hosts to intelligently plan future event collaboration

Every firm is capable of working together with partners, service providers and even clients to efficiently increase the number of hosted events that help advance your Event Marketing Strategy and customer development.


Function4 offers “Event Collaboration in the Cloud” for co-hosts to efficiently and privately share and manage guest lists for the most successful events. Learn more about how to use Function4’s collaboration tools for your next event.

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