Event Marketing Technique #1

Understand Your Strategy and Tactics To-Date

Function4 has developed a set of 12 techniques to build an effective Event Marketing Strategy. This critical component of business-to-business (B2B) marketing is often neglected at most firms. We believe our techniques can help firms elevate event marketing to a more strategic level - better information, improved results & higher expectations.

It is nearly impossible to set a path for where you are going without having a reasonably good understanding of where you have been. This requires an evaluation of what your firm has done, why you have done it, and how your results compared with expectations. It might be a laborious task, and certainly there are marketing executives who would rather skip this step and just start with a clean slate, but ignoring the past can be almost as big a mistake as not shaping a plan for the future. Here’s what you should hope to achieve:

To take this critical first step of self-analysis, firms should try to understand as much of the following as possible:

During this evaluation, you should seek to understand or reconstruct what your Event Marketing Plan for the year was. If it was articulated, did the activities seem to match the plan? If not, what plan seemed to be implied by the activities? How well did that fit overall marketing objectives?

In our next post, we will move to our second Technique for Building an Event Marketing Plan: Evaluate the Prior Year’s Strategy


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